Christian Youth Camps and Holiday Parks

Christian youth camps and holiday parks in New Zealand provide a wonderful place where people with similar interests can gather to develop and grow their faith, establish and build relationships and engage in promoting the Christian faith. These holiday parks also offer excellent recreational and accommodation facilities as well as a wide variety of fun activities, making them an ideal venue for school camps, retreats, corporate conferences, holidays and family reunions.

Christian Youth Camps and Holiday Parks – A Wonderful Venue for Meetings, Fun, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

NZ Christian camps and Christian holiday parks offer some of the most peaceful environments where individuals, company workers, business people, kids, young people and families can go to relax and refresh. These camps are often held in tents and caravans, but there are also some campsites that offer conference and accommodation facilities for various groups. They are suitable for all types of groups and camps can be tailored for a weekend, school holiday or corporate conference package.

Christian camp centres and kids camps in nz cater for all groups providing affordable packages for: church group camps, church conventions, community group camps, social group camps, sports clubs and team training camps, team building camps, high school camps, primary school camps, youth group camps, seminar and conferences and special events such as family reunions. They offer unique experiences for these groups allowing them to achieve their goals and objectives.

Perhaps the main benefit offered by Christian camp venues is the availability of a huge variety of exciting, fun activities, usually including a number of outdoor leisure activities. The natural surroundings of these campsites provide an excellent space for exciting outdoor adventure activities with a full range of activities and facilities designed to meet the needs of different groups, or fit into any programme.

Campers get to enjoy all types of fun activities, including swimming, fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, horse riding, abseiling, water slides, tennis and more. The accommodation facilities found in these campsites are usually designed to be quiet and roomy with plenty of comfortable space to relax after a long day of exploring, meeting new people or enjoying outdoor activities. 

El Rancho – The Perfect Destination for Short Breaks, Holiday Retreats, Weekend Getaways and Group Camps 

Located on an idyllic location alongside the Waikanae River and beach, El Rancho is the ideal venue for your next school camp, church event, retreat, corporate conference, holiday or family reunion. This campsite and holiday park offers not only outstanding camping and exciting outdoor activities, but also has a wide range of accommodation and catering options in the wonderful location of Waikanae.

El Rancho provides extremely affordable packages for all groups to suit any need. Whether it’s a weekend break, conference, family reunion, family holiday, couples holiday or a group holiday the El Rancho Christian camp and Holiday Park has something for everyone. Both kids and adults can take part in some exciting activities, meet new people, develop long lasting friendships and learn new skills in a safe, fun and loving environment.

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